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The Unexpected Kindness of Strangers

I have had a crumby couple of days and I’ll be honest, it’s put me in a pretty dour mood. Leave it up to Nashville to remind me that not all is lost and there is some hope for humanity out there. It’s sad, but it still amazes me when people I meet in this city go out of their way to be kind to others/strangers.

Yesterday on my way to work with my boyfriend our car died and we were doing our best to try and get it at least into a pump at the closest gas station and off the side of the road. To the woman and younger guy who stopped and got out of their yellow jeep to help us push our vehicle in the brutal heat, rather thank just honk, annoyed, at our misfortune, thank you so so much.

To the woman who took the time to pull me aside during my grueling, never ending, food running shift to slip me some cash and tell me that you and your family recognized how hard I’d been working and running around today, thank you. While I appreciate the monetary gesture, you couldn’t have known how much I appreciated and needed to hear your kind words today. I was definitely feeling like I was killing myself running up and down and everywhere to help everyone else so they could do their jobs, and you were the first person to genuinely acknowledge me and thank me for my efforts. I worry in my frazzled, sweaty, and hurried state I came off as ungrateful, so if you read this or perhaps someone you were with does, please know that your gesture really meant a lot. Also I was able to purchase an enormous bottle of water for my bike ride home, so thank you twice!

In short, keep it up Nashville. Everybody else, take note.

Wall mural in East Nashville. I can dig it.

Wall mural in East Nashville. I can dig it.