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—Where The Lines Overlap

Guys, I have a dirty little secret. I kind of really want to audition for The Glee Project.

Not just because I adore Glee and TGP but because the idea of a character like myself (both physically and in personality) on prime-time television is something I think it could benefit from. I spent so much of my adolescence feeling like I was a freak or that I didn’t fit in anywhere. Like I was unloveable and doomed to be alone forever. And mostly just downright depressed. If only I had known then what I know now. Of course, if I did I wouldn’t have had the experiences to learn from my mistakes and thus wouldn’t know what I now know. (Time travel is complicated stuff, guys.)

Any way, even though I was born with one of these most common birth defects in existence (occurring in approx. 1 out of dvery 200 kids in the UK) I have never seen someone like me represented on TV. Glee has shown us people who are bullied for being differently abled, homosexual, overweight, having a big schnoz, etc. but at the end of the day, let’s face it the cast of Glee is still a group of relatively conventionally beautiful people. My birth defect wasn’t something I could hide, change, or cover up, even if I wanted to. For a long time it defined me and there are still moments where I feel like it is all people see when they look at me.

This is not to mention being bisexual in a small redneck community in Kentucky and secretly crushing on straight girls while they complained to me about their boy troubles. But I’m rambling. My point is I want to be on Glee. I want to audition for The Glee Project.

Now, I think I’ve got some not too shabby acting chops. So, I feel pretty safe in that area. Unfortunately, TGP focuses much more on singing talent. I feel, my singing is tolerable, at best. I’ve been trying improve on not sounding too nasal or wet or flat or sharp and in general just trying to find the vocal range/style to give me the most passable singing voice achievable, so I could make it past, you know, the first round of cuts, at least.

Today, I recorded this cover od Paramore’s “Where The Lines Overlap” in Garageband (Super pro, yo.). It is far from perfect, there’s lots of pitch issues and wobbles, and “mixed” pretty poorly. But I’d like to know what you think, regardless. I’m considering maybe going to a few vocal lessons. But they are not cheap and I’d hate to spend that sort of money on what could very well be a lost cause. Y’now? So, what do you think? Is my voice atrocious?

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